Welcome to the Marion R/C Flyer's of Rochester, MN web portal.

8015 50th St SE
Eyota, MN 55934


Need more club Information?

To talk to a live person about how to join our club contact any of the Club Officers listed under

the link "About Us". You are also welcome to attend our club meetings listed below.


We enjoy a wide variety of aircraft ranging from electrics, helicopters, glow powered airplanes,

exotic giant scale war birds and even a few honest to goodness gas turbine jets!

We have experienced airplane and helicopter pilots who can help you learn to fly.



Link to weather station 2 miles away:


Here is a link to data for Rochester airport’s official weather station located about 8

miles to the WSW.




Winter Club Meetings second Tuesday of the month

Meetings switch back to the second Tuesday of the month.


2016 and 2017 Winter Club meeting Schedule:

The winter club meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month and will be held

at the Bowlocity Entertainment Center 2810 N Broadway, Rochester, MN (former

Recreation Bowling Alley) starting at 7:00 pm. Enter through the west doors parallel

to North Broadway and the large meeting room will be the 2nd door to the left

inside the building.

2016: Dec 13th.

2017: Jan 10th; Feb 14th; Mar 14th; Apr 11th; May 9th.


Summer meeting schedule for 2017 will resume on June 14th.



Charter Members

The two active Charter Members, Bernie Drier and Pat Brown, have turned over the governing

of the club and its activities to the elected Club Officers in accordance with the updated Marion

RC Flyers Constitution. Each of the Six Charter Members contributed a $1000 to the club to

help it get started. Charter Members are considered to be lifetime members and did not need to

pay dues on an annual basis. However, all of the Charter Members continued to pay annual

dues in support of the club. Bernie Drier and Pat Brown will always be the club historians. To

learn more about how we have such a fine field and facilities ask Bernie or Pat. We would like

to express our gratitude to the Charter Members for their support and guidance when setting

up the club for success.



Club Dues Now Being Accepted at the Club meetings or send your dues to:


Marion RC Flyers
PO Box 9202
Rochester, Mn 55903

Adult Membership $50.00 per year

Family (Spouse) Membership $75.00 per year

Student (19 years of age or under) $1.00 per year



The Student Flight Instruction Program will resume June 2017 and

continue through September 2017.


Beginner's Night: Wednesday afternoons/evenings will resume June 2017. Contact our qualified Flight Instructors

for free flight instruction. It is recommended that you make an appointment with Ray Dray or Skip Gram for flight


Call Ray Dray at (cell) 261-0930 or (home) 775-6933.

Call Skip Gram at (507) 273-2748


Student Flight Instruction Program

Student flight instruction is provided free of charge during the flying season, June through September, by one of our qualified flight instructors.

  • Please call Ray Dray at 261-0930 (cell) or 775-6933 (home) or Skip Gram at 273-2748 to set up an appointment for flight instruction. They can answer any questions you might have.
  • You should read and understand the club rules that are posted online and at the field. If you have any questions have your instructor clarify them during the first flight lesson. http://www.marionrcflyers.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20&Itemid=16
  • Please call our club instructor to make an appointment for flight training. This will assure that there will be somebody at the field to assist you.
  • After completing your lessons you will need to join the AMA and our club to be allowed to fly at our club field. Join the AMA at https://www.modelaircraft.org/joinrenew.aspx. To join our club, contact Wayne Brown at 319-4406. Our membership forms can be found in the New Pilot Info link to the left.

The available instructors are listed below:


Phone Number

Special Information

Ray Dray

261-0930 cell

775-6933 Home

Airplane Instruction

Skip Gram 273-2748 Airplane Instruction
  • If using your own airplane for flight lessons you should make sure your radio equipment has been charged and the switches are in the off position before you arrive at the field. If you do not own your own airplane you can use the club training aircraft at no charge to you.
  • When you arrive at the field ask for your instructor. He will provide direction on where and how to set up the airplane for instruction.
  • Pay attention to what your instructor has to say and show you. He will show you proper flying field procedures and etiquette. You can learn by observing how pilots set up and fly their aircraft.
  • Relax and take your time. If you feel tired or worn out call it a day and schedule a lesson for another day. When learning to fly it may take more lessons than expected.
  • When your instructor says you are ready you will complete a check flight, where you will be asked to do three takeoffs and landings, demonstrate the correct pattern and flying field etiquette. After successful completion you will then be considered a qualified R/C Pilot and allowed to fly solo without an instructor.
  • You can request additional lessons at any time. These can include aerobatic maneuvers.





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